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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The real reason behind Sultan Mizan's Stadium collapse

Fellow NATS, I felt a sense of responsiblity to tell you the real story behind the recently collapsed roof of the Sultan Mizan's Stadium in Terengganu.

Our government tried to hide it from us and from what I was told by a very trusted source that the reason was not to attract to much attention especially from the rakyat ages 12 and below. It would be pandemonium if these rakyat aged 12 and below knew that some of their beloved heroes were fatally injured in this tragedy.

I have some footage of the real reason behind the destruction. For those with weak hearts and stomaches please turn away or be warned of the gruesome images.

The Ultraman convention hearing the speaches from the Ultraman High Council in conjunction with the 83,012 th Ultraman World Summit.

Raksasa Gorgon ambushes the unknowing Ultraman Convention & also saving a lot on laser ammo by hitting the Ultraman at one go. (Raksasa Gorgon also affected by the credit crunch)

After the attack. The only authorised pictures that were released to the media and the public.

Please try to not show these pictures to your children as they might feel devastated or worse, go on and avenge the death of their favourite heroes.

NATS reporting the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


m afnanz said... kat stadium tu besar gile....ultraman ngam ngam duduk...besar mana stadium ni?

Bo the Nerd said...

dr apa yg aku dgr,ultraman blh guna kuasa shrin dan dr sumber yg aku percaya, ultraman Taro masih idup. sbb masa convention tu dia kena ajar Gaban camner nak pasang lampu kalimantang.

Bozord said...

raksasa tu looks like our cross-eyed org asli rafting guide. mesti boleh shoot laser all directions nye.

shahrul said...

Ko rasa ultraman-ultraman tu tgh tgk perlawanan apa? Mesti Terengganu menentang TNB ni betul ke ultraman, ke bodyguard Sultan Mizan kesemuanya.

shahrul said...

Oh ya! utk pengetahuan, Area kwsn stadium tu dah jadi macam PESTA tau tak..bebudak engineers aku baru lalu smlm..ada org jual keropok lekor, air sirap dan sebagainya..jadi BAZAAR, PASAR MALAM...bagus utk sumber ekonomi rakyat...mungkin ini cara BN nk menawan hati pengundi kut..

sk8trboy said...

kelakar giler...

mintak permission nak curik article.. (with credits of course)..

kenwooi said...

hahaha.. ultraman?? lol..

theeggyolks said...

LOL! We should be proud of Malaysia cos even Ultraman hold their conference here :P

lionel0008 said...


Too bad the stadium is destroyed b4 we get to promote it.