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Setiap Ahad @ Triways Sports Centre, Padang Jawa dari 8 - 10 PM...Jom Futsal!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wedding Mazlan 3rd May

To all NATS,
dont forget Mazlan's Wedding on the 3rd May... and watch me as 'pengapit cute' hahaha...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Voting Results - What to Buy?

Setelah tutup tempoh untuk voting "What to buy with NATS funds?"
Keputusan akhir adalah seperti berikut"

Buy new ball - 60%
Buy bibs - 0%
Pay court - 20%
Keep it - 13%
Give to Bo - 7%

Oleh itu, suara majority putuskan utk membeli bola baru dgn duit yg terkumpul.

Setakat ni pungutan adalah RM 47.

Sunday Futsal

gengs..cant make it every sunday.untill end of june due to involvement in basketball training. have to give up millions of wages (as Bo proclaims)...hehe..kalu juta bro..memasing ada futsal establishment sendri..hahaha.

My training is sunday morning...and whole day is gone due to pancit the motto 'saya takkan penat' doesnt apply to me...or anybody yg perut dah kehadapan.hehe.

Anyways..who got player of the week? Ada sparkling grape juice(ala ala botol man of the match) ka kalau menang?hehe

Performance Review: 26.04.2009 (Week 3)

Fuuhh...hebat sungguh aksi yg di tunjukkan oleh ahli2 NATS semalam. Tenaga & performance yg dibawa ke padang menunjukkan masing2 cuba merangkul title "Best Player Minggu ke - 3".

Ahli2 yg dtg Zul, Kamarul, Shahrul, Zarir, Lukman, Azeeq, Mazleen, Mazlan, Kimi, Azza, Fadzli, Bo, Shah, Hazeeq & ahli baru, Azwan @ Wan. Cukup 15 orang. Lama dah tak dapat 3 team utk game mingguan.

Pemilihan Player Terbaik pada minggu ini masih lagi dalam perbincangan ahli committee blog NATS. So, tunggu lah keputusannya.

Ini adalah sedutan aksi2 yg di tunjukkan semalam.

Bincang strategy sebelum masuk padang...
Lambat.....sempat lagi nak posing...
Game on!!
Shahrul cuba menembusi benteng pihak lawan...
Sementara Zul pulak sempat posing...
"Zul!! Main bola lah. Posing plak", kata Shah.
"Aku nak posing plak boleh?", kata Lan.
Azza mula tukar jadi terminator..
Midfield maestro Fadzli Jung beraksi...
Midfield battle...
on the attack...
Lan pula menyerang...
Lepak lepas game...
Zarrir iklan ubat gigi & 100 Plus...
Lepak lagi...
Pulang week pulak.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kenapa marah sangat you nih?

If i were to be a true Real Madrid fan i would be very ashamed. So unprofessional, so uncharacteristic, so boombastic. Pepe has gone a bit too far with this one. He is given a TEN(10) match ban but i personally think he should just retire and open a futsal place in Madrid.

To the "fading" Galacticos supporters especially Zul, baik ko sokong liverpool kan lagi bagus. Carragher ataupun Dossena tak akan buat benda terkutuk mcm ni. Tapi Dossena still score jugak lawan Real Madrid dan Manchester United (hahaha....sempat lagi tu)

Dossena...FIFA World Player of the Year, PFA Player of the Season.

Pakai Hensem-hensem!!

Dear NATS brothers,

This sunday, hopefully kita boleh amik gambar profile kita to put up here on the blog. For fun sakes, mintak abang-abangs semua pakai make up lebih sikit with your favourite jersey especially yg teruna-teruna (lukman). Nanti kita iklankan muka2 jambu semua.. mana tahu ada hati terpikat. Also you will be asked a few questions. Details are below for you to prepare (nanti mainnye sikit.. interview je lebih). Lagi satu .. jgn tipu ahh (directed to shah + shahrul) kalau berat 100kg kena letak 100kg.

Status: (contoh: "BARUUUU COUPLLEEE - kentut pun wangi lagi" for Amru)
Call name: (contoh: "Van Persy" for irwan)
Favourite Team:
Favourite player:
Favourite Food & Drinks: (contoh: "Anything from williams" by wafi)
Email: (Nanti awek senang nak contact)
Moto: (contoh: "saya tak akan pancit" by Afnan)

Ps.. minyak wangi tak diperlukan.. gambar takde bau!

NATS Week 2 Football Forecast

NATS Futsal @ Futsal Frenzy returns with a promise of another action packed weekend.
This week will see a few players making their expected comebacks.

Fadzli Jung -
He will make his expected return after went missing last week. It was reported he was in Vietnam last week having trials with a few Vietnamese teams. After being fined 2 weeks wages by Team NATS for going there w/out permission, he will be expected to man the center of midfield. Value for money @ 6.75.

Masri @ Pips
- His tireless running and ability to support the attack will see the odd goals here or there. Also a good pick @ 5.4.

A few players might also be missing due to a few problems:

Afnan - might require to play "away" today. After playing last week, it is usual to see this player alternating between home & away. We'll see if he plays. Value @ 8.0.

Mazlan @ Captain Tsubasa - his impending wedding next week might see him giving this week a miss. Doubtful for this week. Value @ 8.0.

Player to watch this week:

Zulkarnain @ Bozord - the "Player of the week 18" gong is up for grabs this week. Bozord is determined to capture the title especially being the profiled player last week (refer to Player Profile). Value @ 8.3

Action packed, determination and grit is promised this week. Player of the Week for Week 18 is up for grabs this week. Surely, the players will perform this week to justify their multi-million wages.

* A new rating system will be introduced for this week's selection of player of the week.
6 Criteria: goals scored, assists, goals saved (as goalie), determination, teamwork, energy,

Friday, April 24, 2009

1st meeting for NATS Blog Team

The other nite the guys (Shahrul, Zul, Wafi, Amru & Bo) got together at McD's Sect. 3 for our 1st ever discussion on the progress of the nakatautaksaje blog. Thinking that McD have free WiFi and that we can load up on soda, we chose to have the meet up there.

The only item that was agreed between the 5 of us is that McD sucks (refer to zazamazu). Damn!!

I am not good in expressing my disatisfaction on the imperfections that exist in our country. So, i'll leave this to Zul to educate you on this. I think Zul's posting sums up perfectly on how we felt.

In the end, we got to catch up with what's been happening in each other's life. For example, Amru walking on clouds these days. We're happy for you bro. She's a keeper.
So, there were some good that came out from that night.

What? McD SuX? Click here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Aku nak TEST saja

Ini adalah gambar2 apabila kita bermain futsal di allahyarham arwah ISF seksyen 15 shah alam.

Again...this is a test..huhu

demo lo ni doh tak srupo mulo, talk berani kawe nok tegor, tengok kerling hujung mato, tengok kerling hujung mato, tak mari sampa sebaq demo kayo.

"my first blog post"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jom whitewater rafting!!

Date: tentatively 30.5.09 (saturday = first day cuti sekolah)
Time: 8am - 4pm
Price: RM190 per person (insurance excluded)
Venue: Kuala Kubu, Selangor
Rapid class: level 2-4
Money collector: tentatively Bo
So far nak: zul, maz, shahrul, wafi, bo, faizal sani, mas (faizal), luqman, shah.

Ada berani???
Leave your name at the comment below kalau nak.

Nak atau tak saje.

From by zul@bozord

"Nak atau tak saje"

Our way/concept of inviting people (Shahrul started it off/pioneer). I guess it started off because everybody got pissed due to the lame excuses followed by the much inticipated no or just tired of ppl being mengada2.

Contohnye: B*, jom pergi minum. B* replies: oklah oklahh(bunyi macam fed-up kena ajak)!!!.. tapi blah blah blah etc.
(angin je dengar.... like he's doing us a favour kalau ikut sekali).
kan senang kalau cakap nak or tak nak je.

This favourite concept/saying is now being adopted into our community blogspot site Its a wonderful idea by Bo to create this website but kinda ironic (u'll understand if u know bo.. tapi dia dah ubah.. hes a YES MAN now) . I'm hoping its a great way to be updated about others in the same geng.

Initially bo decided it was going to be a futsal kinda site but i see it being more of a community site. We suggested to put all kinds of things from bday/activity calender, polls, accounts sheet, invitations, contact lists and so forth. lets see how it goes. its gonna be hard to get it up and ppl supporting it but i'll do my part. So mintak2 bo adds me as an author.

So dont forget please visit the site

ps.. please bare in mind site ni baru je up today. all credit is directed to bo (

NATS Best Player Week 1

Week 1 player of the week falls to Mazleen @ Mini Tevez .

His performance and ability to curi ayam without anyone noticing is a skill that is good for any team. Mazleen is also an asset to any team as he plays goalie (sebab orang lain tak nak jadi keeper)

Allez Mazleen!!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Performance Review : 19.04.09 (Week 1)

As usual, the gang had our weekly futsal session at Frenzy Futsal. Also, as usual the group slowly trickle in one by one. Janji kul 9, half an hour later baru sampai. Takpelah, janji ada.

The mention of the group's blog somewhat raised the spirits of the gang. The game started off with only 8 ; Mazleen, Zul, Azam, Lukman, Irwan, Shah, Shahrul & Bo. Mazlan, Afnan & Kamarul joined us a little bit later.

The game started off very fast but finally dialed down to walking pace. But throughout the game, the guys really wanted to show what they can do and hopefully be selected as the best player for the week in NAKATAUTAKSAJE.

Some pictures from this week's action were taken by NATS Team Manager Keish

Up Close : Zulkarnain @ Bozord

Name : Zulkarnain Bin Zolkaflil
Status : Married (with 2 children)
Call name : Bozord

DoB : 07.07.1981
PoB : Assunta, PJ
Fav Team: Real Madrid (Galacticos)
Fav Player : Zinadine Yazid Zidane @ Zizou
Fav Food & Drink : Anything made with the important ingredient..Love
Boot : Adidas

Scouting report:
This player has an abundance of energy and grit between his teeth.
Favours his right foot but currently trying to improve his left foot shooting.
Good team player to have but a horrible opponent to face.