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Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Zareef!!!

Fellow NATS, today 12th June is Zareef's 4th Birthday. Zareef is Zul @ Bozord & Mazlina's son.

Zul, Maz, Zara (Zareef's cute sis), family and friends had celebrated Zareef's birthday last week at Burger King Extreme Park, Shah Alam. He has turn out to be a clever, energetic (putting it nicely) and good looking boy. All of these he got from Maz, no doubt. Lain2 tu dari Zul. Siapa lagi. Gurau je bro. Rileklah..

So here, on behalf of NATS community we wish you


1 comment:

Mazlina said...

tq for the wish and for coming to the party (sape yg datang). feels like we are a big extended family. tq again.

from zazamazu