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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Confederations Cup 2009

Today is the start of the Confederations Cup 2009 in South Africa. The cup gathers all the continents confederations champions, the reigning World Champion and also used by the host for the World Cup, this time South Africa (World Cup 2010) as a dress rehearsel for the World Cup in 2010.

Past winners of the Cup were Argentina ('92), Denmark ('95), Brazil ('97), Mexico ('99), France ('01 & '03) and Brazil ('05)

This years Confederations Cup teams are:
South Africa - World Cup 2010 host
Italy - World Champions
Spain - European Champions
USA - Americas Champions
Iraq - Asian Champions
Egypt - African Champions
Brazil - South American Champions
N. Zealand - Oceania Champions

The games will be show on Astro Supersport Ch. 811 & the game times will be put on the left side of the blog.

State your favourite team and get behind them to be the champs...


Bozord said...

nak sokong casillas nye team ke nak sokong kaka nye team. susah tul. sokong brazil ah. 10 bucks for kaka best player

Bo the Nerd said...

10 bucks? peanuts lah bro...

come on scorer..
La Furia Espana!!!

shahrul said...

Siut Jer! Aku pasti lah sokong ESPANA!! Come on Torres/Alonso/Arbeloa/Reina/Riera...basically Spain is Liverpool Bug Off Bo..ko sokong South Africa saja lah..ada Quinton Fortune! Alonso Player of Tournament!!

Bozord said...

siallahh torres. hat trick tapi aku tak tengok lagi nanti aku comment lepas tengok game. tapi lawan new zealand je.

Kaka malam ni score 4. tengok ah!

Bo the Nerd said...

Aku nak sokong Espana gak...aku tak pedulik...