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Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedding Bokhari Jamalus - Nothing is Impossible


Don't be shocked, don't be afraid but be amazed... miracles do happen and yes its hard to digest at first but our beloved friend Bo is getting married.

With all his past love of life, its hard to imagine Bo tying the knot. I personally am very very happy.. eccentrically happy for him. So here are the details of his wedding and i understand he is inviting all NATS family to be there to celebrate his 'masjid making'.

  • Venue: Dewan Bankuet, Wisma MBSA, Shah Alam
  • Date: Sunday, 26 July 2009 (4 Sya'aban 1430 H)
  • Time: 12-4 pm
  • Ketibaan Pengantin: 12.45 pm
  • Preferred Hadiah : Cash (ni aku tambah sendiri.. no reflection on Bo what so ever)

Emm.. before you seal the deal, here are my questions for my not long to be teruna friend:
  1. Are u really sure kau nak kawin ni?
  2. Reallly, really sure???
  3. Do you know what your getting yourself into???
  4. Are you willing to have that kind of change in your life??
  5. Are you being pressured???
  6. Adakah ini muktamad??
  7. So where and when is the bachelor party?


Bo the Nerd said...

Love it....thanks Zul.
pasal soklan2 tu..mmg aku tgh fikir sekarang nih..dang it!
u guys...any advice abt married life?

Bo the Nerd said...

1. I think Im ready..."i think" is key here..
2. I dont know exactly.. what are u guys not telling me?!!.Issit to late to back out?!!
3. Umm...pressured?no one pressure lah...*shahrul**cough**cough**
4.bachelor party? going for spa & manicure & paticure like shahrul had...hehehe..
*isnt the party u guys must do for me?*

Bozord said...

Bo i suggest kau tukar gambar yg ni and put gambar kau and aza. Baru org betul2 boleh percaya.

Shahrul said...

Good post by ZUL...but for me married life is like a beautiful sailing trip for me now. It feels better than the night in ISTANBUL. Married life is great bo dont worry. Enjoy.....

Shahrul said...

Betul kah benda yang aku baca nih?? Do my eyes deceive me?? Bokhari afundi nak kahwin??? betul ke nih? cerita dongeng ke nih? tak kan kut? betul ke zul?? aku macam tak caya jerr...

Pali Sala said...

congratulations Bo.. ko adalah idola pada kami2 yg masih single ni.. kalo ko boleh.. kite org pn boleh..!! heehee!!

The House of AZ said...

Good luck my friend...

Bo the Nerd said...

thanks AZ...
nnt jemputlah datang, bawak family.
details as posted by Bozord kat posting tu..

Masri said...

Congratss bo
aku support ko 100%
kahwenn syiokkk maa