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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kaka Unvieled to The Madristas

The Galacticos Project: Part 2 under returning Real Madrid President Florentino Perez has officially gotten under way with the unveiling of their new no. 8 Brazilian, Kaka. Kaka flew directly to Madrid after lifting the Confederations Cup in South Africa with the Brazilian national team.
It was reported it was a carnival-like atmosphere in the Spanish capital in greeting the Brazilian superstar.
There was great speculation on which number that he would be taking up. No. 5 was much touted, together with the recently vacated no 9 (by Saviola). In the end, he was given the no. 8 shirt which was worn previously by Gago, who will be Madrid's new no. '5'.

This was what Kaka had to say on his move, "I am joining a great team. I will be playing alongside some of the best players in the world. Iker, Guti, Raul, the Dutch players and hopefully Cristiano Ronaldo. I cant wait to write my name in the annals of Real's glorious history. Hala Madrid".

For Madristas, especially Zul @ Bozord, this would potentially be a beautiful season & hopefully a trophy laden one too. It would be interesting on who will join this Galacticos Project in the coming weeks. Watch out for this space.


Bozord said...

aku nak beli jerseeyyy kaka'. Anybody know where?

happyyy nye diri ku ini.

the receiving crowd was 50,000. how many did glen johnson or berbatov get??

Shahrul said...

weh glen johnson belum lagi...tgklah nanti...anfield penuh sampai atap...siap ada live telecast kat Astro Prima skali! kira juta juta jugak ah....haha

Ek eleh Kaka...posing camtu....aku boleh buat...pakai stokin camtu...aku pun boleh buat...naik tangga camtu...aku pun boleh buat...ntah kenapa lah org kecoh sgt...sigh

Shahrul said...

Galacticos suggestion for Project 2 :

Djimi Traore, and Igor Biscan (weh mereka ada Champions League Medal tu) = Price 30mill for both

Dossena (sbb score tu lawan MANUre dan Real Madridsect) = Price 50mill + Cristiano Ronaldo.

Djemba-Djemba (kelakar dowh nama dia mesti boleh jual byk jersey) = Price RM16.99 sekilo kat Giant.

Chris Kiwomya (Menang Piala Malaysia beb..score time final lagi) = Free

Zulkarnain Zolkaflil (leading NATS average points tu) = price -RM6.99

Bo the Nerd said...

Shahrul kau overdose makang ikang ke nih?
Kau lupa mention Olebunmi Adigun. Gerenti nmpk dia sbb contrast dgn baju putih Madrid tu..price = buy 1 get 3 free

Bozord said...

emm... Benzema pun boleh naik tangga, pakai stoking and posing. apakata amik Benzema..

ehhh dah dapat pun!!!!!!

Hala Madrid!!!!!!

Masri said...

harap semua star nih tak jadi flop laa kat madrid
takut lepas setahun semua jadi tukang kebun ngan bancuh air jer
sebab tak boleh main ahahahaha
balik2 kuda tua madrid gak yang main nanti