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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Encik Ibrahim di Kg.Barsa

It is confirmed! Ibrahimovic signs for Barcelona in a 46M euros + Samuel Eto'o + Alex Hleb(loan deal for season). So let us see which clubs has actually captured a BARGAIN in their hands. Barcelona or Inter Milan.

Barcelona gets one of the most skillful attackers in world football. I wouldn't say he is too prolific but he always managed to put in some mouth-watering skill or two in the games he plays. Always like watching this type of player. Partnering him with Messi and Henry, even better. Ibrahimovic fits the barcelona team well. On top of that they are able to get rid of the pesky nuisance that is Eto'o as well as the "Un-playable" Hleb from their wage bill. Ibra is younger and in his prime. And remember that barcelona has got one of the SMALLEST squad in europe but still the champions in all competitions.

Inter Milan gets one of the most lethal attackers in world football after Fernando Torres : ). No doubt Mr.Samuel is the best in what he do and that is to finish plays and score goals. Inter also gets Alex Hleb who to me is one heck of a skillful midfielder who i don't mind to be on Liverpool's bench any day. On top of that they get 46M euros. Inter were also able to get rid of Ibrahimovic who was tired and bored of italian football and the country anyways. However inter's wage bill wuold have sky rocketed with this deals. They have a very BIG squad!

So who has done a good deal. To me BOTH CLUBS. I know that most of the people would argue that INTER got a better deal but i do not necessarily agree. For all we know, there was maybe a "150M euros selling clause in ibra's contract" and this is the only way to get him. So who actually got the better deal?......both clubs.

More importantly we can see some good quality Primera Liga matches and can't wait for the El Classico. Since Zul supports Real Madrid lets all support Barcelona just for the sake of it. Hidup Ibrahimovic!! And i personally can't wait to get my hands on a Ibrahimovic 9 and Ronaldo 9 jersey.......from the highly exclusive streets of Rantau Panjang of course.

huahua...NATS forever


Bozord said...

Mourinho cakap its a bigger deal than ronaldo's (> Euro 100m). Ada2 je si 'spe-on one' ni. but it just reflects the double standard Barcelona. Kutuk real madrid spending. Adeepaaa!!

On the other hand, Perez congratulated both Barca and pak brahim accordingly. He said the La Liga will the better/best league and of course more commercial. Pandai and gentleman tak president ni?

So i dunno why torres/alonso/reina/fabregas tak main spain. dia mesti terasa macam org indon/bangla kena cari kerja luar sebab tak cukup skilful. Hanyutlah mereka di liverpool and arsenal.

Bozord said...

on another note, Real madrid squad besar compare to Barca is just because everybody wants to play for them. Dah halau, alienated pun nak stay gak (worldcup year lagi). well its proof Real Madrid is just too good.

E.g. Heinze; sanggup jadi bench Real Madrid dari pergi liverpool.