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Setiap Ahad @ Triways Sports Centre, Padang Jawa dari 8 - 10 PM...Jom Futsal!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Ladies of NATS

It is always quite interesting to see the NATS members performances when their significant other comes along and gives em' their support.

They would get more pumped up and the positive energy rubs off on the others.

This week's session we had the pleasure of 3 ladies of NATS members that came cheering on their man; Maslina (Kamarul's wife), Deanna (Mazlan's wife) and Kiesh (errmm..Mazleen's girlfriend and future........umm..). Keish even had her full futsal kit on to join us.....bagus!! This is the spirit we want..

Maslina, Keish & Deanna.....

Cakap dgn dinding ke Keish?


Bozord said...

lain kali aku nak bawak satu batallion. wife, kids and even bibik. baru semangat. but i dunno if the wife agrees or not!

Bo the Nerd said...

kasi angkut je Bozord...
tak tgk ke Kamarul semangat gila dia perform depan WAG dia..kekeke..

keish said...

haish ada saje gmbar curi..

Mazlina said...

ha ha... the kids nak tido la.. maknyer pun nak beauty sleep.. haha