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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Football wishes 4 this season

Its the time of the footballing season that clubs either make or break. This season we can see a few close races in several titles. Below are my wishes or predictions for this season.

1) Champions league goes to Barcelona
2) La Liga goes to Barcelona (sorry to admit, madrid memang takde harapan lah)
3) Copa Del Rey goes to Barcelona (want someone else to win a treble, so Man U. tak berlagak sangat)
4) Premier League goes to Liverpool (still can do it.. if liverpool dont mess it up, but still hoping Man U fumble - kesimpulannya taknak Man U. menang apa2)
5) Fa Cup goes to Chealsea (they have to win something with all that money - sorry Man City you have nothing to show)
6) Budesliga goes to Bayern Munich (still a small fan to Ribery)
7) Serie A goes to Inter Milan (but whos watching Italy nowadays? boring and too many old ppl - thats why Kaka have to go to Real Madrid)

In a nutshell, yes as a real madrid fan i admit this year is a dry year for us. No Cibeles fountain celebration. I blame the comical management and board instability. But from the ashes, Madrid will reemerge. Stability will be back (cause perez and zidane are coming come june 14).. not a lot of ppl are closer to the hearts of the fans other than Zidane. I heard the plan is to clear out around 12 ppl to make way for the second generation of galacticos - Kaka, Benzema, Ibrahimovic, Fabregas, Xavi Alonso, Tevez, Silva, Villa, Iniesta (all rumours though - and no ronaldo!!!). So lets just pray for the best.

ps... why am i talking about real madrid... i was intending to right about my title winner predictions?? subconsciously trying to be ready sebelum somebody point out real tak menang apa2


farizzet said...

singgah jenguk kawan. :D

m afnanz said...

real tak mng apa apa. harap roben.