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Sunday, December 6, 2009

World Cup 2010 South Africa Draw Increases the Heat

Last Friday, in South Africa, the World Cup 2010 draw was held in a glittering affair. After the dust settled, Group G was considered the Group of Death as Brazil, Portugal and the Ivory Coast were drawn together with North Korea.
The groupings are as below:

So, which team is your favourite & NATS maybe can have a World Cup viewing like 4 years ago with the BBQ, games and food. Lets make it happen!

1 comment:

m afnanz said...

I support 2 teams.i know youre only allowed one..but come world cup...i support two teams..woopsadaisy ENGland!!! cry for me ARGENTiiiina!!!
Why England? drama Argentina? Coz dulu riquelme rocks!!sangkut sampai sekarang. tremble in messi's presence!!