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Setiap Ahad @ Triways Sports Centre, Padang Jawa dari 8 - 10 PM...Jom Futsal!

Friday, December 18, 2009

NATS Family Day at Janda Baik

Last weekend, laughter and giggles rang out at Janda Baik. NATS were in town. The NATS Family Day was a blast. Those that made the event a memorable one were:
  • Shahrul, Surini & Shania
  • Amru & Siti Fadzilah
  • Fariz & Lisa
  • Faizal & Mastura
  • Zul, Mazlina, Zareef & Zara
  • Bo
  • Wafi
  • Agus, Anidz, Yaya, ChaCha & Kiki
  • Adik Ya (adik Surini)
I hope I didn't left anyone out from the list above. My words wont do the occassion any justice. So, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Hope we can organise it as an annual event with more activities and maybe create a "Family VS Family Competition" with a prize like a hamper gift to be won.
So, enjoy the pictures and remember NATS is More Than Futsal. Its a family.

There are a lot more pictures. They will be posted at NATS Facebook page.


Shahrul said...

Trip to Janda Baik = RM25
Bayar untuk Bini = RM25
Beli shuttle Cock = RM2.90
Beli Chikediees = RM7.00
"NATS is not only Futsal but NATS is family = PRICELESS

ZZ said...

"NATS is family".
I really like that!!

Shahrul said...

NATS is Family Guy