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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lionel Messi honoured to receive Ballon d'Or 2009 Award

Ballon d'Or 2009 winner , Lionel Messi

Argentina and Barcelona superstar was awarded the Ballon d'Or for 2009 taking over from last year's winner Portuguese ace Cristiano Ronaldo. He won 473 of the 480 of the votes to win the award from France Football Magazine. The award is done through voting among the world's top football journalists.

He has taken up all top 3 places since debuted at No 3 in 2007, 2nd in 2008 and now being voted the best player in Europe. He mentioned that this was an honour and then wishes that the Albiceste (Argentina National team) plays the similar style as the Blaugrana (Barca) and that Argentina legend and current coach, Diego Armando Maradona is his only football idol.

Second place was won by Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi's Barcelona teammate, Xavi Hernandes took third.

Messi is the favourite to win the FIFA's World Player of The Year award but he is not in the running for NATS Players' Choice Best Player of The Year award. The NATS award is the most prestigious award that can be won by any footballer.

The NATS Players' Choice Best Player of The Year award is awarded through voting among NATS members and they cannot vote for themselves. That is why it the second most prestigious award after the World Cup.


Shahrul said...

I think the poll is totally rigged by the FRENCH since Platini took over. How can LUCAS LEIVA and DJEMBA-DJEMBA not be on the list???

Bozord said...

congrats messi...

peeps kan macam messi. aku rasa dia lah front runner NATS players choice award. especially selepas dia melinting "kaki lahhhh, mana ada handdd" loved the intensity.

m afnanz said...

peeps deco.relaks je main. tetibe...boom rembat score..tetibe..step over..hilang defender...tetibe..'kakilah...mana ada hand..'..hehe.