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Setiap Ahad @ Triways Sports Centre, Padang Jawa dari 8 - 10 PM...Jom Futsal!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Preview: NATS Sunday Night Futsal - 6 December 2009

Sunday Night Futsal has arrived again. Two hours of passionate, sweat quenching, gut busting and pure futsal madness is upon us tonight at Frenzy Futsal Section 15 Shah Alam, the home ground of NATS Futsal.

There will be the regulars that had replied first after NATS SMS notice was sent out;
Shahrul, Mazleen, Zul, Mazlan, Bo, Rizzney, Hakimi, Shah, Lukman, Syafiq & Fadzli.
Regulars and new comers that replied late will need to wait and see whether they can start tonight.

Tonight's action will see the debut of NATS official photo-guerilla, Amru FM. After a hiatus of 5 years, he is ready to show that he still have it. Lets see whether he can last the pace. The gauntlet have been thrown  down to you Amru FM. So, bring it!!!

If you noticed, the list above is still not complete. Those that have replied late are subject to cancellations or last minute arrangments by the organizer. Let's forget about that & carry on with the preview.

As usual, the 3 captains will be chosen. Pointers to the captains, select your team based on chemistry and competitiveness to ensure your team can compete. Friendship will need to be put aside on NATS Sunday Futsal. Try to avoid your team not being balanced.

Reminder, the NATS Calit Futsal System is not a prefect system. No biasness or side taking exist. The person that marks the points is doing the best that is possible. Bottom line is, the excitement of competing is more important than the points.

Last word, lets have fun, compete the best that you can and continue make NATS Futsal the best futsal society in the land.

The video below is a good example of the fun that NATS Sunday Futsal brings. Come on NATS!!!

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