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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NATS Meeting 17th November 2009 @ Nasi Kandar Pelita Section 9

NATS Committee held the weekly meeting at Nasi Kandar Pelita Section 9. The meeting was to post the statistics for NATS Sunday Futsal, events posting and also to discuss future events or activites to ensure NATS members remain happening and cool. All are almost reaching the big 30, so all the effort to remain young and energetic.

NATS members available for the meeting were Shahrul, Zul, Wafi, Lukman and Bo.

Items that were posted:
  • NATS Sunday Futsal Statistics (NATS Weekly 15th Nov 2009)
  • Birthday Bo
  • NATS Season 1 Award
Several items were also discussed; such as the;
  • how to get full 15 players for each NATS Futsal Sunday,
  • Janda Baik gathering, 
  • New Year's 2010 celebration and;
  • also creating an award for NATS Players' Best Player Award. (this award is where other NATS members vote to choose a fellow NATS for the Best Player Award. Members are not allowed to vote themselves in)
Postings were completed including the Average Points Table & Golden Boot Race for 2010. Discussion on the matters at hand were postponed as the meeting was adjourned as it was already midnite.

Please do come to the next NATS Meeting (time, date and place will be posted at NATS Facebook) The location would be at Nasi Kandar Pelita (use Starbucks' free WIFI).


Bozord said...

aku cadangkan "players best player award" kita tukar nama kepada "favorite player" ke atau "most popular player".

Shahrul said...

NATS Futsal Association "Players Choice Award" (PCA)

Bo the Nerd said...