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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gomo and Hobins Hooligans

Disclaimer: This entry does not intend to stereotype the majority of football supporters but targeting the bad apples specifically.

Last night I watched the Piala Liga Malaysia Final on TV. Kelantan vs. Negeri Sembilan . "Gomo Kelate against Jang Hobins " as the saying goes. Didn't expect much from the game but I was surprised at how many people showed up and their passion towards the team. Flags, banner, face paint and even scarfs (you never know when the stadium might get cold in a hot and tropical country like Malaysia) were every where. Its great I told myself: more money in the industry, entertainment for everybody, growth and all that.

The match was emm... not entertaining but their effort was commendable. Loved the pressure and tracking back the defending teams put in (better than even Real Madrid) but not enough flowing football to comment about anything else (kurang intelligent lah kita main). The most surprising thing I realized (as somebody who watches a lotttt of football) is the number of tackles coming in, I reckoned more than half was obviously seriously missed time and malicious but the irony was that most of them was ignored. Maybe its just the Malaysian way. Gomo lah katakan. Ohh i forgot..the Indra Putra free kick goal was superb! (giving credit when its due)

I was brought back to earth why I hate Malaysian football (main takde ah terror sangat, kecoh je lebih) starting when I saw the supporters throwing objects to the player that was taking the corner. Thats just too much. It even physically effected him taking it (bola tak cun as before) something unacceptable in football. Tak sportsman like, fair and all that. The linesman was not even protecting him but keep rushing him to take it plus there was an FRU guy about 2 meters away that could have done something about it. Malaysian way lagi. Not to mention the mercun, fires started and the breaking in gates. Ingat barang2 murah nak repair. I dont get why they just cant think. Most other cases its mainly due to the influence of alcohol. I dont think its the case here. I think its the influence of stupidity and low mentality.

I hope they catch the buggers and make them pay to set an example to others.

ps.. Negeri Sembilan won 3-1 not that it really mattered to me.


Bo the Nerd said...

yup..i agree.after this people will always stereotype Kelantanese supporters as hooligans.
Match x best,weak ref & weak crowd control.

Shahrul said...


Mutu Bola Sepak Malaysia has never been that good for quite a long time to begin with. Main kena kasar to the max and make sure dapat org skali kalo nak tackle for the ball.

Me myself, do not know why we cannot play at the same level as europeans. Kaki sama je, ada DUA, otak ada satu, badan cukup sifat, sama je dgn Messi, Kaka, Gerrard. TAPI.......ntahlah..

Crowd takleh control sbb Crowd = 100,000 org. Dan Polis = 1000org. Do the math. Ini dah kalah dah cerita 300 nih. Gerard Butler pun cuak kalo camni. (This is Sparta!)

Crowd pun satu...kalo nak baling something, baling je lah Moto RXZ masing masing. Baling botol dan gelas plastik apa kelas.

Bila tangkap the culprit mereka patut telanjangkan mereka dan buat public caning.

Bozord said...

Kita tak terror sebab org2 terror macam kita time budak2 kena brainwash. kalau nak kaya belajar rajin2 and cari kerja bagus. masa depan dalam sports takde.

kalau CR7 melayu most likely dia jadi mat rempet more than a footballer