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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Le Hand of Henry Puts France Through to World Cup

A little bit of handball wont hurt..

France scrapped through to the World Cup 2010 Finals in South Africa after drawing 1 - 1 with Republic of Ireland at Saint Denis after a controversial goal whcih former Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry had a hand with, literally.

Henry blatantly handled the ball after a Florent Malouda free-kick and pass to Gallas to nod home the equaliser. France were second best throught the game. Liverpool reject Robbie Keane had put the Irish level 1-1 on aggregate after a fine move involving Damien Duff & Kevin Kilbane.
"Keano, Henry did not play fair....sob sob"

Henry is used to be called many things at Arsenal & France, superstar, legend and so on but now he can add another. Cheater. Like that other guy from Argentina....Maradona.

Football played in the good old days


Shahrul said...

Wahai penyokong france..sedarlah bahawa anda tak sepatutnya berada di South Africa World Cup 2010. Sesungguhnya orang yang menipu adalah orang yang jahat

Masri said...

perghhh shahrul
macam ada dendam terpendam jer nih kakakakak
tapi memang laaa
orang menipu selalu rugi hehehe

Bo the Nerd said...

Tapi kali ini kan yg menipu (France) yang untung...

Bozord said...

Henry memang buat malu pakai arm band capt france. lepas tu tak malu nak celebrate. macam tahi.

dah lah benzema tak bagi main... bodohnya dominic. dulu france terror semata2 sebab zidane carry the whole team. dominic pergi buat dominos pizza lagi bagus.

but a win is a win.... cuma takyah nak poyo sangat henry..