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Thursday, November 26, 2009

NATS Activity : Bowling Game

Kapow!!! Thats the sweet sound of pins being destroyed by a bowling ball.

One of the activites that NATS want to arrange is to have a friendly bowling game/outing where the family and kids can come together for a round of friendly bowling. The main purpose is to get the family to come together and to have fun.

 Teams are to be consist of pairs (husband & wife) or (boyfriend & girlfriend) or (partners & partners). The last one was meant for Wafi. Just joking Wafi.

Venue proposed is Pusat Boling at Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam (Tingkat 4). Date is 5th December 2009, in the morning around 11.00. The time will be determined/confirmed later and informed when we get the participation needed.

Activity: Bowling
Date: 5th December 2009 @ Saturday Morning/Afternoon
Venue: Bowling Centre @ Plaza Alam Sentral Shah Alam
Game Concept: Pairs / Couples (2 games)

Those who are eager to show their talents in the bowling arena, please leave your name & comments at the comments area below. Suggestions are also welcomed.


Shahrul said...

Wow! Bowling sungguh aku tak sangka akan ada event mcm ni drp NATS. Aku sangat berbangga.

Aku/Sue n Shania IN! IN! and IN! Tapi nak pakai apa eh? takde dresscode? Pastu kalau menang dapat apa?


Bo the Nerd said...

Alamak! Masa aku buat posting nih, aku terlupa aku ada checkup utk Azhani.
But you guys go ahead. Mesti best..

Shahrul said...

Chis Bedebah!