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Saturday, April 25, 2009

NATS Week 2 Football Forecast

NATS Futsal @ Futsal Frenzy returns with a promise of another action packed weekend.
This week will see a few players making their expected comebacks.

Fadzli Jung -
He will make his expected return after went missing last week. It was reported he was in Vietnam last week having trials with a few Vietnamese teams. After being fined 2 weeks wages by Team NATS for going there w/out permission, he will be expected to man the center of midfield. Value for money @ 6.75.

Masri @ Pips
- His tireless running and ability to support the attack will see the odd goals here or there. Also a good pick @ 5.4.

A few players might also be missing due to a few problems:

Afnan - might require to play "away" today. After playing last week, it is usual to see this player alternating between home & away. We'll see if he plays. Value @ 8.0.

Mazlan @ Captain Tsubasa - his impending wedding next week might see him giving this week a miss. Doubtful for this week. Value @ 8.0.

Player to watch this week:

Zulkarnain @ Bozord - the "Player of the week 18" gong is up for grabs this week. Bozord is determined to capture the title especially being the profiled player last week (refer to Player Profile). Value @ 8.3

Action packed, determination and grit is promised this week. Player of the Week for Week 18 is up for grabs this week. Surely, the players will perform this week to justify their multi-million wages.

* A new rating system will be introduced for this week's selection of player of the week.
6 Criteria: goals scored, assists, goals saved (as goalie), determination, teamwork, energy,


Bozord said...

Semangat dah ni!!
Tapi jgn main kasar ah...

Nak add player paling malas off the week tak??

shahrul said...

Player paling malas...hmmm...interesting...byk nak kena take into consideration for this...kena ada org kira KM covered lah...

m afnanz said...

lukman duuh

masri said...

best giler website nih
nak terkentut aku baca sambil gelak2