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Friday, April 24, 2009

1st meeting for NATS Blog Team

The other nite the guys (Shahrul, Zul, Wafi, Amru & Bo) got together at McD's Sect. 3 for our 1st ever discussion on the progress of the nakatautaksaje blog. Thinking that McD have free WiFi and that we can load up on soda, we chose to have the meet up there.

The only item that was agreed between the 5 of us is that McD sucks (refer to zazamazu). Damn!!

I am not good in expressing my disatisfaction on the imperfections that exist in our country. So, i'll leave this to Zul to educate you on this. I think Zul's posting sums up perfectly on how we felt.

In the end, we got to catch up with what's been happening in each other's life. For example, Amru walking on clouds these days. We're happy for you bro. She's a keeper.
So, there were some good that came out from that night.

What? McD SuX? Click here.


Bozord said...

Amru.. hutang open table!!

Bo the Nerd said...

aku nak Big Mac large and coklat sundae.
Bozord? Shahrul? what r u guys having?

shahrul said...

tak banyak...aku nak satu....hmmm.... iPhone sahaja.

m afnanz said...

iphone cicah bbqsos

Anonymous said...

hampeh korang....mintak melampau...kuikuikui.. aku belanja iceblended besar sorang satu kat williams cukup lah