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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

From by zul@bozord

"Nak atau tak saje"

Our way/concept of inviting people (Shahrul started it off/pioneer). I guess it started off because everybody got pissed due to the lame excuses followed by the much inticipated no or just tired of ppl being mengada2.

Contohnye: B*, jom pergi minum. B* replies: oklah oklahh(bunyi macam fed-up kena ajak)!!!.. tapi blah blah blah etc.
(angin je dengar.... like he's doing us a favour kalau ikut sekali).
kan senang kalau cakap nak or tak nak je.

This favourite concept/saying is now being adopted into our community blogspot site Its a wonderful idea by Bo to create this website but kinda ironic (u'll understand if u know bo.. tapi dia dah ubah.. hes a YES MAN now) . I'm hoping its a great way to be updated about others in the same geng.

Initially bo decided it was going to be a futsal kinda site but i see it being more of a community site. We suggested to put all kinds of things from bday/activity calender, polls, accounts sheet, invitations, contact lists and so forth. lets see how it goes. its gonna be hard to get it up and ppl supporting it but i'll do my part. So mintak2 bo adds me as an author.

So dont forget please visit the site

ps.. please bare in mind site ni baru je up today. all credit is directed to bo (


Bo the Nerd said...

the B* person tu kan..are you referring to anyone specific?

Bozord said...

sapa makan cili lah bo

m afnanz said...

aku rasa bo makan cili tomyam campur.gitu gitu rasanya.