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Wednesday, April 25, 2012 is when you are convinced who will win the game

The players' request finds great success on Twitter / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell
Kaka, who has the most followers on Twitter, started it all by posting: "Tomorrow we'll play the most important match of the season at the Bernabeu. We will give our all but we need something more @SergioRamos #elrmbayernloganastú."
Sergio Ramos soon replied: "We want to feel the 80,000 people at the stadium as soon as we start warming up for the game. That's what we need @Cristiano #elrmbayernloganastú."

Ronaldo was confident in the crowd: "True. The Bernabeu can drive us to the final and I'm sure it will. Don't you think @eGranero11? #elrmbayernloganastú."

The former academy player shared his excitement about playing the 19 May Munich final: "It has to be a magical night. We'll need everyone's strength to return to Munich. What do you think @aarbeloa17 ? #elrmbayernloganastú."

Arbeloa was also thrilled with the chance of playing the final: "Yes. We cannot miss the chance to fight for the Tenth. @XabiAlonso we need the full support of the Bernabeu. #elrmbayernloganastú."

Xabi replied: "The stadium will be packed. We all play this game: fans and team together. As Zidane says: #elrmbayernloganastú."

The #elrmbayernloganastú hashtag was Trending Topic in no time. Madridistas with Twitter accounts were in full support of the players' enthusiasm.
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