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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Zul's stuff to sell

Seeing that we are leaving, we wanted to sell some of our stuff off. Some suggest that we have a yard sale. Some advice to go to a second hand shop. So before getting into all that, I would like to advertise it here (the easiest/cheapest way).

I dont know how to describe each and every thing... so lets do this, anybody who wants anything from us or think we might have it why dont you leave a comment and ask. I guarantee the price would be dirt cheap. The purpose is not really to make a hugh profit, just wanted to cover some cost to replace stuff when we get to melbourne.

Things that we think might be good buys are:
  • Jati katil and wardrobe
  • TV 21 inch LG
  • fridge - the best fridge ever
  • my bench + weights - agak complete set
  • my acoustic guitar + amp - already taken by haziq
  • Waja car - anybody can top 22k (second hand dealers offer)
  • various baby stuff + preggy mother stuff
  • almari kecik2
  • sofa
  • carpet
  • dining table
  • pinggan mangkuk
  • books - lots of them
If there are still stuff that we cant sell, we are going to have a yard sale on the 18th of april. Time to be determine and we will inform you in the future.

Hope to get a great response especially on the bigger stuffs. you can also contact me at Pics are available upon request


Shahrul said...

Bro! aku nak CHOPP!! Coca Cola the weights and the bench..macam best je bunyi nya..nanti aku kontek ko..kalo apa apa hal ko boleh call aku di 012 390 3843

ZZ said...

memang sesuai kalau kau main weights shahrul. nanti aku bagi print out pasal weights and buku semua. ada bench incline/decline (susah dapat), weights, swiss ball, chin up bar and, barbell, getah strecth tu and so forth..

harga nanti aku hantar kat 0123903843.

kalau takde hal pun aku contact kau jugak