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Sunday, April 11, 2010

EL Classico: A Collision Course

Ronaldo vs Messi. Madrid vs Barcelona. Spanish La Liga won't get any better than this. Tomorrow morning's match at the Santiago Bernabeu will see the last two winners of the World Best Players collide to see who is the better player. Ronaldo has socred 25 goals in 27 games while Messi have scored an incredible 39 goals in all competitions this season.

Real Madrid cannot call the services of Kaka who is still out injured while Ibrahimovic is out for Barcelona. Arbeloa, the former Liverpool player will be handed the worst job tonight to keep Messi in check. The in-form Argentinian will surely keep Arbeloa on his toes.

All around the pitch will see small battles. Ronaldo vs Puyol. Arbeloa vs Messi. Xavi vs Xabi. This surely will be a mouthwatering encounter. Dont miss it!


ZZ said...


Bo the Nerd said...

Sabar Zul, sabar. Jangan marah aku sebab letak post nih.
Teruk ke diorang main?

m afnanz said...

messi setyle. arbeloa ntah ke mana

Shahrul said...

Weh! Arbeloa lah Nadi pada real madrid. Tanpa Alvaro "the legend" Arbeloa pasti Madrid dah kalah 8-0. Alonso pula Jantung pada Madrid yang menggerakkan setiap org lain! Jantung n Nadi dah ada, lepas ni Madrid nk kena beli Lubang Dubur utk tempat membuang najis..jadi belilah LUCAS LEIVA! 60mil pounds jer!