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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Singing the praises of CR9

Recently I have been following the best team in the world Real Madrid. Its been an impressive run. 7 wins from 7 games . 100% record (gloat while you still can). The only team that has the same record is Barcelona (correct me if i'm wrong) but lets not waste our time talking about other teams that are less superior (bakar sikit). The only problem i have with the limelight is that the media seems to highlight more on Ronaldo than the whole team. I dont blame Ronaldo and just have to accept the media way of reporting (always trying to find the hero and villains)

As a Real Madrid fan, I cant ignore Ronaldo's contributions in all this. CR9 has undoubtedly been doing his job and proving his worth. Yes all GBP80Milllions of it. I have never been a big fan of his mainly due to him being full of himself but i do admire his abilities. But somehow he is winning me over maybe because he has cooled down on the antics (mengada2 giler dulu masa pakai baju merah) and he has matured in his game especially while wearing white. The real turnkey for me was on one of his goal celebration, he ran straight all the way to the bench and hugged Raul. Raul hugged him back in a true comradeship manner. That was enough for me to forget all his 'poyo'ness before. For you guys who dont seem to understand why please bare in mind "Raul is Real Madrid and Real Madrid is Raul". A quote not just coming from me or the fans, ppl like Real Madrid Presidents, Legendary players like DiStefano and Hierro and says it. If Abang Long Raul respects/likes you, that goes a long way for fans like me.

Just by stating CR9 is a great player might get critism. He is probably the most booed person in the sport (theres a saying, fans dont boo bad players on the contrary they boo good ones). The thing i dont get is that what the hell a team/fans that has no history, no bad air gets all riled up to boo him (example Toronto and Washington FC). If he was acting out or being poyo its expected. Maybe its the way he dribbles which I agree is overly done and some people take it as a way to show off and pisses off the defender like hell. The defenders are resorting to harsh tackles and dirty tricks which i think CR9 has to live with, a price to pay for being good (Pele went through it during one of the world cups - limped out the tournament with a broken leg). Somehow too nowadays Ronaldos free kick and penalty claims seems more convincing than before (maybe im biased but i just dont see it as diving anymore).

Since hes doing really well, i have decided to show you the stats below to prove it. No doubt for a midfielder to bypass a striker in goal tally is remarkable. It is more spectacular to get an average of a goal per game. Its GBP80 Millions awesome to have an average of 1.28 goals per game in top flight competitive games. So if this gets going on he might get 60+ goals this season (i wish). I believe he can but he has to be smart and more manly about things. Stop PMS-ing and poyo-ing. Holding back on the hair cream may help too. Hala Madrid!! .......... oklahhh Hala CR9 (on a quieter note)

European Top-scorers

League Champions League Total
Player Goals Games Goals Games Goals Games Average
C. Ronaldo 5 5 4 2 9 7 1.28
Messi 4 5 1 2 6 6 1
Torres 8 7 0 2 8 9 0.88
Drogba 6 7 0 0 6 7 0.84
Ibrahimovic 5 5 0 2 5 7 0.71
D.Milito 5 6 0 1 5 7 0.71
L. Fabiano 2 4 2 2 4 6 0.66
Rooney 6 7 0 2 6 9 0.64
Jovetic 3 6 2 2 5 8 0.62

note: I havent been active in blogs for a while due to bibik cuti and just plain tired after work. But dont worry i'll write more to compensate for your amusement


Shahrul said...

Oh CR9, the name that make your ass-hole cringe in disgust just by saying his name. Good post but here are my views.

1) It REALLY helps when your team has the likes of Kaka/Benzema/Alonso and especially Arbeloa. Scoring goals in this sort of team...Gabriel Agbonlahor also can do this...maybe better(bakar sket).

2) He is still a cheat my friend. He dives all the same in ManU Hemorrhoids Red or Putih Nanah Jerawat Madrid. The diver that takes about 2.5minit just to get up. and than fix his hair.

3) He will Definitely not score more goals in madrid than in manchester. Get 60goals?? No! One reason, because he will NOT get "referee gettin paid to win matches" like in OLD TOILET@old no FREE penalties and FREE freekick and FREE extra time. ManU jgn marah, just making a point.

4) CR9 "his royal rambut rempit-ness" is probably OK now. But wait til he hits a bad patch-which he will-being subbed and start throwing tantrums thinking he is bigger than the club. Like little child. This part.....STILL POYO!

4) I have always been a fan of Good skillz and dribblings...Although Ronaldinho in his prime is better and a dream to beautiful..

5) What the hell??!! jovetic pun ada...power gak mamat tu walaupun rambut macam rockers 80s.

All being said, i do think he is a better player now and in a better team. Although he is just moving from a One club yg lepas 4 goal lwn liverpool to another club yg lepas 4 goal lawan liverpool...kah kah kah

hahhaha..Jangan Marah aaaa...just my views...
"Arbeloa is Real Madrid and Real Madrid is Arbeloa"

m afnanz said...

ronaldo traits: rempit, dribbling skills to get past defend lain macam,free kick tak logic.

true facts: cry baby.

imposible facts: sama laju dgn bugatti veyron.

true fact: liverfools europe form dasyat..but lately..maybe..padang tak rata n tak hijau...or rather dip in form. Maybe WIGAN and DRogba are too great for fools? walk alone scouse.hehe

Bozord said...

Shampooo clear yg CR9 pegang tu mana nak beli.. terpengaruh aku.. lol

Masri said...

nih sumer sebab Drogba tak boleh main champions league
kalau tak dia score lebih lagi pada ronaldo nih ahahahhaha

aku still tak suka ronaldo yang poyo hahahaha

aku lagi respect Torres walaupun dia main untuk Liverfool, sebab dia more down to earth laaaa

anyway, no more 100% record for Real Madrid, only to Barca

Hola Barca! Barca! Barca! hahahah