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Monday, October 5, 2009

Best sangat ke JB??

Heard that one of us went to JB last weekend. He looked like he had a blast there. I personally dont know whats so great about our southern most city but it appeals to our particular friend. I am happy for him and wishes him all the luck in finding his happiness there.

ps..I think they put magic love potion in the biscuits there.


Bo the Nerd said...

aku sbnrnya planning nak gi JB on saturday afternoon. bkn sbb love potion,tp ada family thing.

tp kalau dapat jumpa love potion pun best gak..

Shahrul said...

JB best sbb ada danga bay..

Anonymous said...

JB best coz ada mee rebus tulang and termantap... kite kna bwat trip ke sne gak satu ari nanti...