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Sunday, September 27, 2009

NATS ON Facebook

NATS is now on FACEBOOK !!!

I have recommended fellow NATS to join this account. If you did not receive the invite, kindly search for it by typing (official NATS email account).

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Shahrul said...


Season TWO - The Rise of the Fallen!

Yesterday(27/9/09) we can clearly see how each and everyone of us really MISS NATS futsal season..we can see that semua main EXTRA semangat! Beberapa contoh kecil:-

Bo-cemerlang n bersemangat dan kurang diving
Lukman-lagi byk SAVES drp GOL???? biar betul??
Sani&Amir - Sgt into it mcm main tournament plak
Azam-sudah tidak segan untuk kejar balik bola n tackle
Kimi-arguably mamat yg paling merindui! Defend mantap
Adri-Save punya byk smpai kotor baju adribayor

So...FUTSAL IS BACK...and it feels sooo good!!