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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Molek?? Of Course... just tell me when!!

Shahrul's Molek -best restaurant in town according to him.

Yesterday i had nasi kerabu for berbuka. It was good but not Molek Good. There wasnt enough tumis, so i whined to the wife. She said if you want proper nasi kerabu, we had to go to Molek's. Here is a picture(not enhanced macam Mc D's) of what we mean by proper Nasi Kerabu.

Keeping in mind, bulan puasa wont be complete without breaking fast at Molek's and we promised each other to do so (Shahrul kinda coaxed us into it). Nobody can refuse. Good food, good price, great location, easy parking, environment bagus, tauke hensem and why not support a friends business.

So its a matter of organizing it. So this entry is also an invitation for those who would like to open fast together. If possible, lets do it this friday 4th Sept. I'll call Shahrul and try to invite everybody through SMS. Will contact you soon.


Shahrul said...

Cheewaahh...Thanks for the post especially part Tauke Hansem...Aku ON BEBEH! well i do not have any choice have i...HOST! Let me know betul betul nk buat or not...i will send invites...

Bo the Nerd said...

aku tak bolehlah this Friday..
ada Tune Talk berbuka puasa at Rebung....
korang carry on lah..

Shahrul said...

Zul! Aku dah janji nak berbuka puasa dgn rakan rakan UNITEN...lupa plak...tetapi terima lah pantun 4 kerat ini:

Berbuka dgn Kwn Uniten aku terlupakan,
Kalo zul nak join, ajak lah bini,
Berbuka di molek tetap n mesti diteruskan,
Barulah "complete" Ramadhan Ini.

MInggu depan masih ada...