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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Words of the wise - XABI ALONSO (RM, Spain)

“I have played against Zidane when he was playing for Madrid and when he was playing for France at the last World Cup," Xabi told, giving his first interview since signing on with the Galacticos. "He was just in a different class to everyone else; he was just amazing."

Top of Alonso's own agenda is a tall order: to follow in the footsteps of the French legend, who retired at the club in 2006 and has now returned as an advisor to club president, Florentino Perez. "He did the most difficult things and made them look so easy – that’s something great to watch and a pleasure to play against," continued Madrid's new midfielder. "He was just top class and I would certainly like to emulate his success".

Ps.. I'm starting to love this guy!



m afnanz said...

Alonso plak...pergh..on paper cun...almost dream team. Aku rasa nanti ronaldo main centre forrward bersama kareem. scary. alonso JAGA midfield ala fadli n zul jaga back NATS. tapi...jgn sampai oshea ole satu real madrid ...haaaaa..sakai.

Bozord said...

sebenarnya nan, memang akunya favorite position nak main adalah center defensive midfield - closing down players especially halang star oppositions, opening plays with freedom to run up, stabilizes plays and protecting the defense/goal. I believe its the most important position and contributes the most. So mari kita wish Alonso boleh berjaya in doing so.

Pakli yg injured said...

hai zul.. mcm nk amik position aku nmpk..? nmpknye kite kene jadi rival la mcm ni.. heheh.. tapi minggu ni aku off la.. back injury.. gara2 frenly ngan dak2 opis.. x tau bila bole fit balik.. so, aku serahkn position aku kt ko smntra aku xde ni.. adoyai..

Bozord said...

jgn lama2 injured.. nanti susah masuk balik 1st 11. take care anyways