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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who is this Alexis Sanchez

Summer is here (well not Here in OZ but ....ahhh u know what i mean). In the football world it means transfer season. This is when clubs go shopping/stealing other players from other clubs. Like usual big clubs fight for the best players. I keep hearing about Shachez from Udinese (chilean international). Everybody wants him... Barca, Man city, Man U, Real and others. So i decided to look him up. after a few vids and reading his bio. I think he is fantastic. Looks like a smart skillful player with confidence. I especially like him cause he is the type of players that run towards and take on a defender. I just hope he is consistent at it... he surely will go far if he does. Another thing I hope he leaves Serie A (that is why I dont really know him) and goes somewhere I can follow him like Champs league or LA liga or EPL. Wish him all the best and hope he can fulfill his potential to entertain football fans like us. Enjoy the vid.

1 comment:

Shahrul said...

Ehem...ehem...sila adjust blog anda..mana ada orang nama Alexis Suarez, kalu ada pun, mesti mamat jual Tacos Lemak Cili Api kat depan rumah Ivan Zamorano.

Si Alexis SANCHEZ ni mmg terror lah, asalkan dia tak start jadi primadona dan bitching around the pitch like a pansy.

Luis Suarez lagi Terror/Power!

Sebenarnya ko nak cakap yang Luis Suarez (muka mcm Faizal Sani) yang main untuk Liverpool tu power kan..mengaku je laa..