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Setiap Ahad @ Triways Sports Centre, Padang Jawa dari 8 - 10 PM...Jom Futsal!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Start of a New Season

Last week was the most tensed and closely challenged NATS Futsal ever seen in the history of NATS. There was passion, fire and gas in all the boys. Gas??!! Yes! A few of them let rip on the field. Damn!

Getting back to the futsal. We were able to get 16 highly strung futsallers who were eager to put the stress of the week behind them. The intensity shown in the court almost created a few get togethers. Scary!

Captain Mazly

Captain Sani

Captain Mazleen
Shahrul will post the points below. So, Shahrul...postlah cepat...cepat ah..

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