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Saturday, February 6, 2010

John Terry Out.....Rio Ferdinand In as Captain of England

Shame on you John Terry

Chelsea captain John Terry has been sacked as captain of England after a 12 minute discussion with England boss, Fabio Capello. Capello finally has come to his senses and put Rio Ferdinand as England captain. Capello might say something like this, "You quit or you swim with the fishes? Kapeesh?". Short & sweet.

John Terry was never worthy of the England captain's armband with all his off the field bad behaviours. This latest scandal follows other alleged bad news:
  • both parents involved in vice activities. Mommy is a thief & Daddy  is a drug lord.
  • John Terry himself gave a 10k Pound tour around Stamford Bridge to VIP guests. 150k Pounds a week isn't enough mate?? Greedy.
John Terry will lose out on 20 million Pounds as a result of him being stripped of the captaincy. That is a really damn big amount to lose for just a piece of French tail. Stupid Chelsea player.

Rio in the line of fire as new England captain

Whatever it is Rio Ferdinand (a Manchester United great, yeah I am an MU fan..glory glory!!!) is rightfully selected as England captain. An England captain that other England players can respect. Good luck Rio!

P/s: The England football captain position is really a big soap drama in its own right, dont you think?


Shahrul said...

Apakah bezanya? Terry(affair with team mate's wife)...OK..Ferdinand = 8 months ban from Football for "FAILING" a drugs test (kesalahan lg besar drp terry)? This season pun rio main pun 7 kali jer, and performance is nothing to shout about?? He seems lebih sibuk nk kluar TV n produce drama n jadi model pakaian??? and soon to be replaced by a budak hingusan named "SMALLING" or SMELLING...lebih baik TERRY captain drp mamat mulut senget nih...but still the best candidate for england captain is always...CAPTAIN MARVEL/FANTASTIC = STEVIE GERRARD (.......and yes i am a liverpool fan)..


Bo the Nerd said...

Captain Marvel will always be Bryan Robson, the one and only.

Steven Gerrard jadi vice president pun boleh lah.

Ferdinand miss drugs test sebab botol yg diorang bagi tu terlalu kecik. Padahal sample dia nak kasi tu banyak. Almaklumlah,dia baru lepas minum satu gelen Gatorade lepas training. So, takleh salahkan dia.

Pasal TV and mofelling tu, dia mestilah nak cari extra income. Almaklumlah, MU nak bankrap pasal Glazes bongoks tu. Kasihanilah dgn si Rio nih.

m afnanz said...

gerard senyap orgnya. motivate thru performance. ferdinand org kampung, bual/becok banyak.niga plak, sambil bising/marah/motivate team members, sambil rap yo yo. tell it as it is. Terry same mold, tapi tak reti rap.

Plus, bile gerard cakap, org tak faham. scouse klate.haha.