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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ape da nak complain barca

Morinho once said: there are coaches who criticizes ref for making mistakes, I'm one of the and there are coaches who does not complaint. But Pep (barca) belongs to another group where criticizes ref for making the right decisions......

These words were uttered a few months back and what happen last weekend was another example of Barca antics. Some of dialogue that occurred

"If he blows for a foul, with Pique the last man, it can be a sending off," said Guardiola. "But I would not be in this line of work if I thought that someone would decide in advance to harm us. Life sets you tests and you have to overcome them. A sending off? Win with ten. An injury for Alexis? Win with nine."

The Spanish international later voiced his disagreement, saying: "At half-time I told the referee it was a penalty on Keita and he kept that [in his head], I have a feeling of premeditation."

U judge it urself from the clip below. If ur the last man tackling and didn't get the ball In most book it's a red card. Dunno what rule barca is reading

1 comment:

Bo the Nerd said...

Barca guna cara halus untuk pengaruh refs. Tapi mmg patut send off pun Pique tu.