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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Magic of OLD TOILET and their Referees

Video is another important match, at Old Toilet, officiated by Mike "MANUre no.1 fan" Riley, and the Mancs are looking to end Arsenal's 49 game unbeaten run.

Another weekend, another super sunday looming up. This time, title decider match between MANUre and Chelshit 8/5/2011. So to commemorate this special occasion lets just predict and test our punditry skills on what is going to happen at Old Trafford or Old Toilet as what i would call it.


Our prediction skills is made easier with the appointment of HOWARD WEBB as referee. Everyone that watches the PL knows how Man U fans adore this S.O.B. Some say that the bloke is one of Fergie's greatest signing. Exactly what "Mike Riley(in video)" was before he retired. Rumor has it that Man City offered 90mill pounds + Carlos Tevez in January transfer window to bring Webb to the Citizens side of manchester only to hear that "he was not for sale at any price". Fergie's new 12th man.

So back to predicting. We can be sure there are going to be dozens of controversies. MANUre is going to be handed with a seriously dubious penalty (i.e Campbell on Rooney) and MANure will again get away with a serious red card offence (i.e Rio on Ljugberg & RVNistlerooy on A.Cole). And at the end of the weekend MANUre will knick it by 1-0 or perhaps 2-1 to make it not too obvious.

Chelshit, the FA, the Media, Soccernet, Teamtalk, Shebby Singh and McMahon and even forum n fans are going to be talking about the controversies for several days or maybe weeks and as soon as the next match comes, everyone is just going to forget it. This is the magic of old toilet.

So lets wait and see if our predictions will be spot on......or otherwise.

Whatever it is...liverpool still power 5 European Cups 18 leagues!!

Good luck Chelsea!! you are going to need more than that actually against MANUre and Howard Webb.

You heard it here FIRST.


Bo the Nerd said...


ZZ said...

U and morinho sound the same.

I agree !


Shahrul said...

Hey! I got the final score not make it too obvious...

m afnanz said...

liverpool gi tgk history channel weiii